Introducing a new Advisory Service that can help your organisation

Often organisations find that there are jobs to be done, however to pull existing staff off their substantive role can be disruptive and then how do you fill that substantive role. Or there is some critical planning that is required which your organisation has the skills to do, but it would be easier to bring in outside help. Maybe you have a new senior staff member starting and you feel that external mentoring to assist with their integration could be useful in quickly leading to efficiency.

The strengths Milston Professional Advisory brings to your organisation include:

  • Thirty-six years in non-for-profit sector, 30+ years in Local Government 25 of these in senior management including divisional leadership of over 150 employees
  • Developing a range of local planning instruments from Crime Prevention strategies and Cultural plans through to Community Strategic Plans
  • Planning, managing and conducting community engagement from small groups, civic committees to large scale engagements
  • Providing civic and management leadership in the operation of a large division of a council
  • Ensuring problems and conflicts are effectively resolved through assessment of causes and application of extensive interpersonal communication skills
  • Planning, conduct and evaluation of a variety of events from small local activities to whole community festivals
  • Utilising project management skills to ensure the effective and efficient planning for, establishment of and delivery of quality services to the community.